Status of Networking Driver Milkymst One BSP

Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas paul at
Tue Jan 25 04:20:23 UTC 2011

> for TCP tests you have the "milkymist_networking" test inside the
> testsuites/samples of my git repository.

Yes i'm aware of it
> You can find informations about how to run those tests (at least on
> Qemu) on this page :

I'm not usign Qemu atm, as i got a MM1 Board i'm working all on real
hardware, is this code just tested to work on qemu??

> You can do a telnet and get a RTEMS shell.
> I can find no reason why it wouldn't work on the board, so you can
> test those tests on the board too and let me know what happens :)
Sorry tell again. but my test was not sucefull

I flashed the board with the generated:


It booted ok as this log show:

*** MILKYMIST NETWORKING TEST by Yann Sionneau ***
== Initializing Network ==
== Add Route ==
Destination     Gateway/Mask/Hw    Flags     Refs     Use Expire
default    UGS         0        0      0
minimac0      U           0        0      1
f92.168.101.254                    UHSLt a r t i n g   r t1e m s S h e l
l  0v i a   t e l1n emtidn i-m-a cd0e
/a=u=l tS taacrctoiunngt  tiesl nrettedm s= =w
 no password
             Device: /dev/pty0../dev/pty7 (8)pseudo-terminals
	     		telnetd started with stacksize = 81920 and priority = 100

The conection is just made between my Laptop and the MM1 board.

The laptop ip is

You can check the graphical out from wireshark here [1] or get the
captured filed from here [2].

Resuming i always got a ARP package when the board boots ! (good)
I get ICMP reply if i ping it (we're close !)
But telnet, as you can see just SYN, no ACKs... and a later on my comand
line a Connection timed out.

Hope this helps !

I will be glad found that something is wrong, but is a shame i cant
telnet to the board yet :/.


Cristian Paul

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