How to set up the psim emulator?

Petr Benes benesp16 at
Wed Jul 27 13:04:26 UTC 2011

Hi all,

does anybody happen to have experience with psim emulator? I have built 
the powerpc-rtems4.11-run with latest patch to gdb-7.2 and I launch the 
Hello.exe using psim script.
But this is always the result:

petr at hp:~/git/rtems/build-ppc-cvs/powerpc-rtems4.11/c/psim/testsuites/samples/hello$ 
psim -i hello.exe
powerpc-rtems4.11-run is /opt/rtems-4.11/bin/powerpc-rtems4.11-run
OpenPIC Version 1.2 (2 CPUs and 17 IRQ sources) at 0x0C130000
OpenPIC Vendor 0 (Unknown), Device 0 (Unknown), Stepping 0
Overriding NumSources (17) from configuration with 16
OpenPIC timer frequency is 1 Hz
rtems- (classic FPU)/psim) PANIC ERROR 1A
^Cpsim: continuing while stopped!

I have tried various configuration options, but no luck.
This is my configuration now:

  ../gdb-7.2/configure --target=powerpc-rtems4.11 
--prefix=/opt/rtems-4.11/ --enable-sim --enable-sim-trace 
--enable-sim-hardware --enable-timebase --disable-werror 

Bc. Petr Beneš
mail  : benesp16 at
web   :
mobile: +420 774 990 750
icq   : 286131561

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