(Yet another) RTEMS License Question

Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas paul at kristianpaul.org
Fri Jul 8 13:34:07 UTC 2011

> I understand that any product sold or distributed containing an
> unmodified RTEMS release does not have to make available the source
> code of the application. This is clear from reading the license.

Sorry, but, WHAT?

You mean this [1]  license?

So you cluded that from readint the GNU GPL?

[1] http://rtems.org/license/LICENSE

> However, what is not clear is if there is a requirement to inform
> the customer that RTEMS is present and make available on demand the
> unmodified RTEMS code used in the product?
> Assuming that the answer to the above question is that the
> unmodified RTEMS code tree doesn't have to be provided, what if

Okay i still dont get it

> creation of the RTEMS application also requires a new or modified
> BSP, libcpu or other change to internal GPL licensed RTEMS files
> that are not yet or never become a part of an official RTEMS release
> or tree? Does this possibly trigger a requirement to make available
> to customers this modified RTEMS tree used in the product?
> Thanks,
> -gene
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