[GSOC]Progress Report of MMU support project

Peter Dufault dufault at hda.com
Mon Jul 11 11:56:49 UTC 2011

On Jul 11, 2011, at 7:41 , Quanming Shi wrote:

> In the functions , the block pointer is used as the ID of the specific ALUT block.  I think this will be more convenient for users and don't need to search blocks or  ID frequently.  Nearly all of the API functions accept the block pointer as the first param. 

Hi Quanming.  I know I already reviewed it, but here is a note and a few things I didn't point out.

- You should make it clear that the rtems_mprot_alut structure is opaque, and though the user is returned the structure pointer the user doesn't have rights to poke around in it.
- Anyplace that you can you should declare that the pointed-to object is "const".  For example, all "get_" functions should be const.
- The sizes should be "size_t" and not "unsigned int".
- Did you mean to leave a mixture of "_memp_" and "_mprot_" in the functions and data structures, or did you plan to change everything to "rtems_mprot"_?  If you intended to have the two prefixes then what is the difference?

Peter Dufault
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