interrupt never occur on psim ?

quanming shi shiquanming10 at
Thu Jun 9 15:42:54 UTC 2011

I  got a problem about the DSI exception handle, with the psim environment.

the function mmu_handle_dsi_exception has been set like this , in

        *            BSP_rtems_irq_mng_init(0);

and MSR printed in my testcase is 0xa072, as expected,  IP, IR, DR bit have
been set to 1

My problem now is the exception handle never work.  when I try your test
case , the test did not end with the interrupt
As expected, the test case should end like this(break by GDB):

Breakpoint 1, C_exception_handler (excPtr=0x4d4c8)
    at ../../../../../../../rtems/c/src/lib/libcpu/powerpc/new-exceptions/bspsupport/vectors_init.c:112
112       int               recoverable = 0;

but my situation is :

                   *** MMU ALUT TEST ENDS ***
                   Program exited normally.

Does this mean the exception setting failed?
consider I already flushed tlb with tlbia instruction  and write dummy
entries into PTEG , I suppose the DSI interrupt should occur, right?

I appreciate any tips about the reason cause the kind of problems.
Such as some config about psim or rtems I need to know ,  or  any other

thank you

Best regards

Quanming Shi
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