Increasing IMFS_NAME_MAX value

Sebastien Bourdeauducq sebastien at
Mon Jun 20 11:19:49 UTC 2011


the file cpukit/libfs/src/imfs/imfs.h currently defines IMFS_NAME_MAX as
32. While this is fine for the system files that normally reside on the
IMFS, the architecture of the RTEMS filesystem, on top of its numerous
other flaws, implies that this limit also affects the files at the root
of filesystems mounted on the IMFS. This is a serious issue on modern
devices where the user can typically mount a SD card with long filenames
on it.

Would it be possible to define this value to 128 to make the problem
less visible?

The drawback is that IMFS will use more memory, as a buffer of size
IMFS_NAME_MAX is allocated in the nodes. If this is a problem on some
BSPs, can we make it configurable on a per-BSP basis?


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