ANN: Support for CentOS 6 (temporarily?) suspended

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Thu Jun 30 13:40:39 UTC 2011


The rtems packages on labeled "CentOS6", so far have been 
built with RHEL6 beta packages, presuming would release 
CentOS 6 not too much after RHEL6.

Meanwhile, almost 8 months have passed by, but CentOS 6 still is not 
out[1]. However the RHEL-beta is showing its age, diverges increasingly 
from RHEL6 and becomes increasingly difficult to use and to access.

Therefore, I have decided to (temporarily?) suspend support of the RTEMS 
toolchains for CentOS6.

In practice this means, these repositories will not receive any further 
rtems-toolchain updates before CentOS 6 will be released or a suitable 
substitute for CentOS 6 has been found.

FWIW: The CentOS calendar[2] currently tells CentOS 6 was scheduled
for Jul 4  ... we'll see if this date will slip again ;)



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