Blog Entries On Debugging RTEMS

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Tue Mar 8 19:10:45 UTC 2011


The last two entries in my blog "RTEMS Ramblings"
( are on
RTEMS debug experiences.

Today's entry was written by Chris Johns and
captures what we went through for PR1746.  I
think it is an interesting PR and write up of
his debugging process.

The entry before that was by me and how I
have used the RTEMS Shell in the development
and debug of a driver for a Winsystems
multi-IO board.

My goal for the long was to capture interesting
RTEMS experiences you wouldn't find in email, the
wiki, or the manuals.  I know blogging is very
self-indulgent but if you read it and like it,
please comment or otherwise let me know.  I will
try to do it more if people like it.

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