gdb+qemu+rtems: Problem #2 in offset computation

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Mon Mar 7 12:14:38 UTC 2011

There are (were) five reasons the timer calibation could fail on pc386. It did appear to happen in qemu and not on real hardware and in qemu inside a vm more than just qemu. It is something to do with the simulated timer jumping.  I doubt changing the amount of memory helps. It is rather random. Run again and it may not happen.

FWIW I committed a fix to the head where if it hits this situation, it will retry five times before locking up. Should help. Maybe I should apply this to the release branches.


Domenico Di Leo <domenico.dileo at> wrote:

>I have experienced the same problem.
>My solution was really simple, since I started RTMES with qemu (on a 
>Fedora virtual machine)
>with the command qemu -m 128  -boot a ...
>I removed the "m" flag -> qemu -boot a ...  and it worked :)
>Hope this helps other users.
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