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On 03/10/2011 05:38 PM, domenico.dileo at unina.it wrote:
> hi,
> Has anyone experience with covmerge?
Yes.  At least some OAR folks and the GSoC students who have
done coverage work.  covmerge was the original tool.  covoar
in the rtems-testing CVS module is what you want.  There are
supporting scripts in rtems-coverage to run covoar on RTEMS.

FWIW covmerge assumed that the symbols of interest were in
a contiguous address space that was the same in ALL executables.
This required some magic when linking the tests.  covoar is a
next generation program which takes a list of symbols and accounts
for them being at different addresses in different tests.  It knows
the sizes and offsets of instructions are the same so it can merge
the coverage information of multiple programs using the same

covoar is also smart enough to handle branch coverage.
All of the data at the following URL is generated by covoar
and the scripts in rtems-coverage


Remember this requires a simulator which has a BSP and the simulator
captures coverage and/or trace information.

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