Willing to join GSoC2011 project "RTEMS port of the GNU Java Compiler (gjc)"

刘杰 lj8175 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 14:01:24 UTC 2011

Hi all,

Here are some of my thoughts about the "RTEMS port of the GNU Java Compiler"
project(http://www.rtems.org/wiki/index.php/GNUJavaCompiler), if you are
interested please continue:

For the gjc port, we should first set up the fundamental mechanism for Java
running, so the Garbage Collection(GC) should be first ported. After that,
we can port the libgcj's thread attached to RTEMS posix thread. But now we
may find the java code can't run or can't run well because we haven't
handled the system's signal and target board's interrupt and exception. Then
we shoud turn the signal into java's exception. After this three step, the
core port should be over.  Next, we should make the java port coverage more
APIs and functions, so the File I/O and JNI mechanism can be ported now.
So this project's sequence is GC-->Thread-->Exception-->JNI and File
I/O-->Run Test Suite and improve the port.

This is my current thought about this project, if you have different
thought, please talk about it with me. I am pleased  to discuss with you!

Thank you,
Liu Jie

2011/3/20 刘杰 <lj8175 at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> As said in the last mail "question about GSoC 2011", this week should
> discuss application ideas with mentoring organizations. I want to port the
> GNU Java Compiler to RTEMS and have read the page "
> http://www.rtems.org/wiki/index.php/GNUJavaCompiler" carefully. But "how
> to file Free Software Foundation paperwork" is still a question to me.
> Also, I have completed the GSoC Getting Started of RTEMS "
> http://www.rtems.com/wiki/index.php/GSoC_Getting_Started", and want to ask
> how to submit the diff and screen capture.
> Now, how can I get more information about porting GJC to RTEMS except the
> Wiki page "http://www.rtems.org/wiki/index.php/GNUJavaCompiler" and the
> GCJ page "http://gcc.gnu.org/java/", I want to know more and more about
> it. :)
> Thanks,
> lj8175
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