PowerPC: setjmp & longjmp (was Re: MVME5500 Tester Needed for 4.10)

Kate Feng feng1 at bnl.gov
Tue Mar 22 18:08:10 UTC 2011

Hi Ralf,

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Hi,
> Can someone please check out the MVME5500 BSP
> on 4.10?  I have a report from a new user
> privately that it is aborting early.
It was the code from the CVS (i.e. 4.10.99).
> I don't
> have the hardware and need someone who
> has used it before to confirm and help
> debug it.
In order to use setjmp & longjmp in the PowerPC port, patches are
needed for newlib-1.18.0. We  had discussions with Ralf about this in 
March 2009.
In the testsuites/samples/ , setjmp & longjmp are called.  If one used 
the prebuilt
gcc tools (i.e.  rpm) , setjmp & longjmp will crash. I had those patches 
done for
newlib-1.18.0 yesterday.   However, it is not tested for RTEMS 4.10 yet. 
I can send
the patch when it is all tested.  I am still patching the RHEL5 on an 
old, slow and
headless laptop.....

> Thanks.

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