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Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu May 5 15:55:24 UTC 2011


Many across the southern United States are in
much worse shape than either myself, my family
or those at OAR.  We appear to have everything
back online again and now it is time for the
post-disaster analysis.  This is the first
of those reports.

I must admit to being addled from the storm
and this is why you have disaster plans and
drills.  Reactions should be pre-planned.  I
had not planned on how to get news out to
the community in the event of an extended outage.

Although it is best if technical discussions
are conducted on the email list, there are other
RTEMS dedicated forums that are available.

+ IRC #rtems on - logged on
   I changed the topic to reflect status and folks
   were online some to discuss things while was down.
+ RTEMS Ramblings -
   This is my blog on RTEMS and embedded systems issues.
   I put more detailed outage information there.
+ RTEMS Group on Facebook
+ RTEMS Group on

All of the above are listed on the front page of

In a pinch, we will try to do our best to get email
to the other Steering Committee members.  Chris Johns,
Eric Norum, Thomas Doerfler, and Ralf Corsepius. Asking
them via email addresses may give you

In the future, we will hopefully be better at getting
information out sooner via the above channels.  This
time cell phone towers died about 12 hours into the
outage.  That means a first message has to go out quickly.

The RTEMS mailing list is archived at a few sites
other than and  So this information
should always be available.

This was a good event to learn from.  AFAIK there was no
physical damage to Research Park, Redstone Arsenal,
and NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.  The outage started
8 days ago and Redstone is not fully back.  I haven't
heard about NASA.

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