Current model PC-104 boards for RTEMS?

Angus Gratton angus.gratton at
Tue May 10 01:37:55 UTC 2011

Does anyone know of any current PC-104 form factor boards with good
RTEMS BSP support? Any architecture.

Our only requirements are reasonable cost, ethernet connectivity and
PC-104. I saw the "Bobcat" boards are/were well supported, but the
vendor pages all say "EOL".

Our plan is to replace a lot of our legacy VME interfaces with PC-104
interface boards, we're looking at the ones made by Technologic

TS do their own SBCs as well. However the x86 ones have DM9102A NICs
which don't seem to have RTEMS drivers yet and the ARM ones are CNS2132
ARM9 SoCs (I believe), for which noone has done an RTEMS BSP yet.

So I was hoping there might be another line of SBCs out there where
someone has already done the hard work. :).




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