Introducing myself and my GSoC project

Christophe Huriaux c.huriaux at
Wed May 11 16:24:04 UTC 2011


   I'm a 21 years old French student in electronics and computer sciences,
and I'm glad to be one of the eight students chosen to participate in the
Google Summer of Code 2011 with RTEMS !

   My project for this summer is to bring the ISO9660 filesystem (the one
used by read-only removable medias such as CD and DVD drives) to RTEMS. The
project is focused on the filesystem implementation and a refactoring of
some filesystem-related helpers. By the end of the summer I should be able
to parse an ISO9660 filesystem and some of its majors extensions (Joliet and
RockRidge). On the long term the goal will be to have a working ATAPI driver
along with the filesystem in order to be fully usable (a GSoC 2010 student
worked on a project aimed to port the BSD SATA/ATAPI driver to RTEMS).

  I started a blog [1] where I'll try to post at least one report on my
progress and notes per week. My original project proposal [2] is also
publicly available on Google Documents.


Best regards,
Christophe Huriaux
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