GSoC2011 - RTEMS MMU Context Support

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Fri May 13 01:39:22 UTC 2011

Hello all

    My name is Shi Quanming , a chinese student pursuing my master degree at
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. My GSoC2011 Project of
RTEMS is RTEMS MMU Context Support[1],tuxmaniac has finished some work for
this project [3].

    The goal of this project is to implement an architecture independent API
and structure to manage memory blocks with access attribute based on MMU
Support. The API should provide a mechanism for memory protection based on
MMU hardware and a low-level MMU support in RTEMS which has been carried out
for PowerPC PSIM board in GSOC2009. Users can use the API to manage an
access lookup table, called MMU context.

Now, I am considering about how to make sure the RTEMS Objects such as
Partition and Region can use the mechanism easily.
and also I am learning about the POSIX function such as mmap and mprotect .

Any reply will be appreciated.

The full proposal can be found here: [2].



Best regards

Quanming Shi
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