CVS to Git News

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Nov 16 02:00:00 UTC 2011

On 15/11/11 1:39 PM, Xiangfu Liu wrote:
> Question:
> for now. the new commit still go to CVS first. then go to GIT right?
> when you advice us switch to GIT at all?

We are in phase 2 of the plan. Phase 3 will move us to git and cvs will 
be turned off. There will be no cvs and git phase. The current users 
with commit access will be given access to git via ssh and able to push 
changes once I have been given their keys.

The rtems-devel list will be available before this time and the rtems-vc 
and rtems-bugs list will be made "read only" with all replies heading 
the rtems-devel list.

The rtems-devel list is open to all and we will welcome patches. Git can 
help create these. There is an effort to provide some documentation 
about this happening now.


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