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Steven Grunza grunza at ulticom.com
Wed Nov 23 18:24:01 UTC 2011

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>I'm looking for 4.10 tools ? because i think there is a missing in this directory:
>I need 4.10 tools for ubuntu and i have only 4.11 tools.

  The last I heard Ubuntu was not directly supported but support was "being worked on" and may be available in the future.  I do not know the current status of that work but I seem to recall that there were some files and directories showing up in the ftp area before the Ubuntu/Debian support was ready.

  I am currently developing with RTEMS on a Ubuntu system (Xubuntu actually) by following the "Debian and Ubuntu" info on the RTEMS Wiki at http://www.rtems.org/wiki/index.php/Debian_and_Ubuntu.  That page has instructions on how to convert the appropriate .rpm into .deb files.  It worked well enough for me.

Steven G.

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