RFS on the Flash device

ali nasir supremenasir at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 21 06:29:47 UTC 2011

Hi RTEMS users,
We plan to use the RFS on the flash device which we have on board. I got hold of a sample initialization code from http://www.rtems.org/ftp/pub/rtems/people/chrisj/file-system/rfs-20100603.tar.gz

I noticed that the initialization code only does the registration of the rtems_flashdisk_io_ops via the rtems_io_register_driver. It does mount or format the flash disk.

1. Is the rtems_fsmount() required to be done? I guess yes.
2. When we run the RFS for the first time on flash device, i guess we will also have to format the same using the rtems_rfs_format() function call. Am i right? If yes, how do i prevent the format at every start up? Since format would erase all the data and we need the data in the flash device persistent.

Thanks in advance for any answers.

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