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It depends on your device and driver. I am only familiar with Leon3
and Gaisler's 1553brm core.

If you are using Gaisler's 1553brm core you should take a look at
their documentation:

Mode selection will use a ioctl call:

unsigned int mode = BRM_MODE_BC;
result = ioctl(fd, BRM_SET_MODE, &mode);

Read and Write directives will depend on the selected operating mode.

In Remote terminal mode the driver is accessed using standard IO
calls: read and write.
Bus Controller is a little more complicated, since you must provide a
command list.


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> Hi,
> Aeroflex Gaisler provides some 1553b sample code for RTEMS:
> ftp://gaisler.com/gaisler.com/rcc/src/samples-rtems-4.10-
> Regards,
> Cláudio
> 2011/9/12 Oleg Moroz <oleg_moroz at yahoo.com>:
>> Hello. Is anyone has an example of using 1553b bus in RTEMS?
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> Thanks, but i think this code is out of date and bounded to Gaisler code. In
> my RTEMS 4.10.1 i dont have that files. I want to know how to switch 1553
> modes and how to read and write (send and receive) messages.

Thanks a lot.
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