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Okay. The reason why i want extract functions from shared or static library is dynamical a change parts of code. Now i have small app than can parse elf file and extract machine code of ever Task (or another functions). Problem is what the addresses of all functions in the recompiled project (with some bug fixes or functionality added) are not the same with original project. I must fix it manually, but this is the easiest way to make an error. I think than i can create the library with all functions. and addresses of that funcs are constant. after this i could link it with my extracted updated task. extract task again, 
and overwrite it on working RTEMS. Maybe linker or compiler has some command switch? Something like - Ttext=0x40100000

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>Do you mean dynamic loading of an object on the target?
>RTEMS is single proces so a shared library ala GNU/Linux would not be appropriate.
>Oleg Moroz <oleg_moroz at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>How can i link my app with shared lib? I need to create a library that contains all standart functions like a prinf puts and addresses of this functions are constant. after this i want to link this library with my executable file that can call funcs from  lib. I want get segments from library and append its to my executable file with reallocation addresses to library funcs addresses.
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