Configuring for the lm3s69xx BSP does not seem to work

Peter Dennett pdennett at
Mon Apr 30 14:45:38 UTC 2012

New to RTEMS.  Using a very recent copy from GIT and I am trying to 
build for the lm3s69xx BSP.  I can configure and build for the edb7312 
(just picked one out of the hat). I see that when I:

../rtems/configure --enable-rtemsbsp=edb7312 --enable-tests=samples 
--disable-posix --target=arm-rtemseabi4.11

That I have a target for edb7312 in the arm-rtemseabi4.11/c/Makefile

But when I:

../rtems/configure --enable-rtemsbsp=lm3s69xx --enable-tests=samples 
--disable-posix --target=arm-rtemseabi4.11

I do not have a lm3s69xx target.

Other then casual end use I have no GNU automake/configure experience.  
Where do I start looking?


Peter Dennett
+1 713 899 6100

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