how to reduce executable compiled file

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Maybe you can use the sparc-rtems-objdump or sparc-rtems-strip. I'm using
RTEMS on arm processor (CSN637 port) and I use arm-rtems-objcopy to
transform the arm.exe into arm.bin. It reduce from 2MB to near 147kB.

2012/4/3 Luca Cinquepalmi <cinquepalmi at>

> Hi all,
> I'm new of the list and I have a simple question. I compiled a simple
> "Hello World" c code
> with sparc-rtems-gcc, but the generated executable is about 3MB, so much
> for my use...
> I don't know why the executable file is so large... How can I reduce its
> size?
> Thank you
>     Luca
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