multicast on dec21140 chip in mcp750 bsp

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Feb 2 00:12:20 UTC 2012

Start by adding the ioctl cases for add multi and del multi to the switch in the driver. See the powerpc/gen5200 for the code when the NIC does not require any programming for multicast.

If the NIC itself does require bit twiddling, you at least have the ioctl's done and will need to refer to a manual or a newer Tulip driver.

Either way, when it works please submit it.


Carl Lionberger <calionberger at> wrote:

>I'm porting an existing application to RTEMS and I've found the network driver for the chip on the mcp750 doesn't support multicast.  Is anybody working on this or have any resources to recommend?  Thanks
>Carl Lionberger
>Controls Software Engineer
>LBNL Engineering Division
>510 486 7503

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