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Thanks Thomas and Joel,

I have moved my tools and RTEMS code version up to 4.10.2. I'd like to take a peek at the 5674F BSP to see what kind of changes were necessary to make it go together. Would I just take the CVS head of the libbsp/powerpc arm?

Is there anything weird that I would have to do to configure the ppc version of GCC to generate appropriate code? I will be using a e200z3 processor, whereas the 5674F uses an e200z7.

I'm probably doing something wrong, but right out of the box there is a problem with the mpc5566evb BSP, wherein when I compile a simple printf hello world test program, the compile bombs with:

c:/opt/rtems-4.10/bin/../lib/gcc/powerpc-rtems4.10/4.4.6/../../../../powerpc-rtems4.10/bin/ld.exe:linkcmds.mpc5566evb:3: warning: redeclaration of memory region `ROM'
c:/opt/rtems-4.10/bin/../lib/gcc/powerpc-rtems4.10/4.4.6/../../../../powerpc-rtems4.10/bin/ld.exe:linkcmds.mpc5566evb:4: warning: redeclaration of memory region `RAM'
c:/opt/rtems-4.10/bin/../lib/gcc/powerpc-rtems4.10/4.4.6/../../../../powerpc-rtems4.10/bin/ld.exe:linkcmds.mpc5566evb:5: warning: redeclaration of memory region `RAM_EXT'
c:/opt/rtems-4.10/bin/../lib/gcc/powerpc-rtems4.10/4.4.6/../../../../powerpc-rtems4.10/bin/ld.exe:linkcmds.mpc5566evb:6: warning: redeclaration of memory region `NIRVANA'
c:/opt/rtems-4.10/bin/../lib/gcc/powerpc-rtems4.10/4.4.6/../../../../powerpc-rtems4.10/bin/ld.exe:linkcmds.mpc5566evb:23: error: redefinition of memory region alias `REGION_TEXT'

It looks like the linker files need a bit of work.


On 2011-December-30, at 2:27 PM, Thomas Doerfler wrote:

> Andrei,
> I am off site now, but my colleague Sebastian Huber is currently working
> on the MPC55xx BSP, also adapting it to the MPC5674F, see
> But you should upgrade to the latest git version of RTEMS to work with it.
> wkr,
> Thomas.
> The mpc55xx BSP is a framework, including adaptions for various boards
> and chips, therefore it won't compile for a target "mpc55xx".
> Am 30.12.2011 21:38, schrieb Andrei Chichak:
>> Hey all,
>> A while back I got a hand from Chris to get started with the MC68332,
>> then Eric Norum helped me get a BSP going for the Axiom CML5282, again
>> 68K based.
>> Now I am getting going on one of Freescale's MPC5634M StarterTRAK dev
>> board. It uses a PPC with hardware floating point.
>> I am currently using RTEMS 4.9.4 on a windows VM using MINGW/MSYS. I
>> didn't move up to 4.10 yet, since it wasn't stable when I was working on
>> that project.
>> To get the basics going I used:
>> cd powerpc
>> ../rtems-4.9.4/configure --target=powerpc-rtems4.9 \
>> --disable-itron \
>> --enable-posix \
>> --enable-rtemsbsp='mpc55xx' \
>> --enable-networking \
>> --disable-tests \
>> --prefix /c/opt/src/rtems/powerpc
>> make all install
>> since I figured that a 55xx would be within a million miles. This is
>> basically the same command that I use to set up for the m68k based BSPs
>> (with appropriate changes of parameters of course).
>> For some odd reason it looks like the 55xx BSP wasn't installed
>> properly, since it didn't compile the libraries for a couple of hours. 
>> It also looks like the distribution has the mpc55xx BSP and mpc55xxevb,
>> but it looks like portions are missing.
>> Is there someone using either the 5632M or a 55xx that can suggest a
>> better config command to get started?
>> Sorry that I'm not as concise and complete as you might hope, my first
>> language isn't German :-)
>> Andrei
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