Permission for folder created during rtems_fsmount

ali nasir supremenasir at
Tue Jan 17 08:01:48 UTC 2012


We observed a change in the permissions of folders created during rtems_fsmount between the RTEMS4.9 and RTEMS4.10.
When we mount the ramdisk on the 4.9 on path /mnt/ram, this directory has rwx permissions for all. But with the 4.10 the rwx permissions are only granted to the root. We use the RFS on the ramdisk.

We see that a build function is introduced in the 4.10 and it plays with the permissions before calling the mknod function. Is the above behavior the desired behavior or it is a problem? What do we do so that the rwx permissions are given to everyone? We know that calling chmod just after mounting will solve this. But is there another way out?


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