stack_checker_report_usage and cpu_usage_report to array

Phil Smith pjs1 at
Thu Jan 26 18:17:12 UTC 2012

We're using RTEMS for ESA's Solar Orbiter and one change we need and would be
useful in general for space missions is to send the output of 
to an array/structure instead of to printk so that the results can be part of
regular telemetry.

We could use rtems_stack_checker_report_usage_with_plugin and
rtems_cpu_usage_report_with_plugin and have the plugin be a function to
intercept the text and extract it ... however it would save precious (space
qualified) memory to just edit the RTEMS code.

Is anyone else interested in this or done it already?

Philip J. Smith            __o    Dept. of Space and Climate Physics, 
pjs1 at       _'\<;    Mullard Space Science Laboratory,  
                     ((( (*)/(*)      University College London.

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