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> does the configure file run those patches (I've never used a patch
> file)?

No.  It's a manual operation.  Typically I use a command sequence such
as the following:

{Acquire the correct version source files}

git clone git:// qemu.git

cd qemu.git

cat 0001-target-arm-Fixed-ARMv7-M-SHPR-access.patch | patch -p1

The problem is getting the correct version source files.  The qemu
project was at version 1.0.50 when the patches were created.  I was able
to use version 1.0.90.  QEMU now appears to be at version 1.1.50 and the
patches do not apply properly.  Perhaps they are no longer needed?

> and what example did you use? I don't see any test files
> (hello.exe) in the b-lm3s6965 branch.

I used the example applications for RTEMS.  These are sample
applications that (as far as I know) work with any version of RTEMS.  I
got them by doing the following:

git clone git:// examples-v2.git

cd examples-v2.git/hello/hello_world_c

export RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH=/opt/rtems-4.11/arm-rtemseabi4.11/lm3s6965


cd o-optimize

grunzasr at stm32dbg% which qemu-system-arm

grunzasr at stm32dbg% /usr/local/bin/qemu\-system\-arm --version
QEMU emulator version 1.0.90, Copyright (c) 2003-2008 Fabrice Bellard

{Note: This is the patched version of qemu}

grunzasr at stm32dbg% qemu-system-arm -nographic -M lm3s6965evb -kernel

Hello World

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