gaisler and classic rtems release differences

Joris van Rantwijk jorisvr at
Wed Jul 25 15:02:01 UTC 2012

Hi Luca,

On Wednesday 25 July 2012 12:10 Luca Cinquepalmi wrote:
> But if I try to compile classic rtems, as reported at Quick Start or 
> Getting started with rtems
> document, the gcc ompilers aren't able to compile C source code.
> Are there any difference between Classic an Gaisler rtems releases?

I have noticed many differences between and Gaisler RTEMS, especially in the area of device drivers. This is a problem because it makes it difficult to report issues or contribute code to the right place.

However, I have used RTEMS 4.10 from on LEON3 and RTEMS 4.9 on LEON2 without
any problems. The getting-started instructions work fine for me.

What is the problem you get with the compiler?
You do need to install a special cross compiler, of course, but that is all covered in the getting-started manual.

Kind regards, Joris.

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