BUG? stack corruption in posix thread.

Till Straumann strauman at slac.stanford.edu
Tue Jun 12 20:39:22 UTC 2012

I observe pretty reproducable crashes when using pthreads under rtems-4.9.

It seems that a function running in a new pthread context finds '0xdeaddead'
on the stack upon returning to its caller and jumps into the wild.

Apparently, the capture engine overwrites the task's stack with 0xdeaddead
*after* the task is already running.

I believe that 'pthread_create()' is the culprit. It creates a SCORE thread
and then calls

_Thread_Start( )

*without* disabling thread-dispatching.

However, _Thread_Start() marks the thread as 'runnable' *before* calling
user extensions (_Thread_Start() body):

   if ( _States_Is_dormant( the_thread->current_state ) ) 

     the_thread->Start.entry_point      = (Thread_Entry) entry_point;

     the_thread->Start.prototype        = the_prototype;
     the_thread->Start.pointer_argument = pointer_argument;
     the_thread->Start.numeric_argument = numeric_argument;

     _Thread_Load_environment( the_thread );

     _Thread_Ready( the_thread );

     _User_extensions_Thread_start( the_thread );

     return true;

   return false;

Therefore, could it not be that the thread is already scheduled *before*
user extensions are executed? In this scenario, the following race condition
could occur:

1. thread X calls pthread_create
2. _Thread_Start() marks new thread Y 'ready'
3. 'Y' is scheduled, calls stuff and blocks
4. 'X' runs again and executes user extensions for 'Y'
5. capture engine's 'thread_start' extension fills 'Y's stack with 
6. 'Y' is scheduled again, when popping a return address from the stack
    it jumps to 0xdeaddead and crashes the system.

  - other APIs (rtems, itron) *have* thread-dispatching disabled around 
  - the current 'master' branch seems to still suffer from this
  - I consider this a serious bug.

-- Till

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