Any experience of using ported RTEMS for Mini2440?

SAeeD salpha.2004 at
Sun Jun 24 20:50:07 UTC 2012

Hello every one,

After searching for RTEMS, ported for Mini2440 on the Internet, I
found this<;a=tree;h=02f1ba5f19366bf109b1203002645e82e96b80a5;hb=8d1ddd11f97cf3a758cec1188c146c4f89275d0e>git
which has provided BSP support for Mini2440.
The job is done by Bacon Xu and Ricky Wu and has been tested on QEMU.
explains how.)
I was wondering, is there any one who has any experience of running this
ported version of RTEMS on HW? I mean on Mini2440 board.
Does it work correctly on the board?

Thanks in advance,
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