Termios: Non-blocking read() working? .-

Joris van Rantwijk jorisvr at sron.nl
Fri Jun 8 20:30:17 UTC 2012

Hello Sebastian,

On 2012-06-08, Sebastian E. Garcia wrote:
> After some tests, I'm in doubt if this feature of Termios is
> implemented in RTEMS/LEON3_BSP.

Are you using real RTEMS 4.10 from rtems.org, or the Gaisler port of
RTEMS. There are substantial differences in hardware drivers.

The APBUART driver from original RTEMS 4.10 (/dev/apbuart0, etc.)
is not based on Termios as far as I know. So VMIN/VTIME stuff will
simply not work.

I wrote a Termios driver for APBUART a few years ago which supports
non-blocking I/O. Not sure that it still works with current RTEMS.

Feel free to try this if you think you can use it

I should maybe try to get this merged in RTEMS. The problem is this
code is not backwards compatible with the current APBUART driver,
precisely because it is Termios based.

Regards, Joris.

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