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Tue Jun 19 12:38:23 UTC 2012

Le 18/06/2012 15:26, Joel Sherrill a écrit :
> In the long run, we may be better off with a "constructor" style
> initialization
> like that found in FreeBSD or something similar. That way if you need
> the initialization
> routine, it is implicitly referenced. Otherwise, it is left out. Chris
> Johns had a
> prototype of this working a while back. The question with this approach
> is whether
> the code to process the "constructor tables" and data required would really
> result in savings over just having the small initialization routines
> there all the
> time.

My question was actually about .exe size reduction (a kind of FAQ...). 
I've read some discussion 
( about removing 
some libs:

"You need disable MINIIMFS, libio and libc, and exclude the console from 
your Makefile. This will make your minium.exe less than 20K"

Actually how is it possible? modifying source tree?


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