WL jolkaczad at
Sun Mar 11 13:54:40 UTC 2012

I'm looking into the task involving writing an API which will support
the partition-internal services of ARINC-653 as a GSoC project. I went
through some of the reading material linked on the wiki, but still
have a couple questions. First of all I'd like to take a look at the
specification to start reading and prepare a bit, especially since the
AIR report mentioned that some aspects of the API mapping were found
more complex than anticipated. Is there a copy available for RTEMS
developers (I know it costs over $200, but don't know what the license
on it is), or would I have to obtain it myself? Also, is the code
developed by the AIR taskforce as a proof of concept implementation or
at least its documentation publicly available, would be good as a
starting point.


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