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Ankit Laddha ankit1991laddha at
Mon Mar 12 11:58:56 UTC 2012

Hi all,
I would like to participate in GSoC 2012 with RTEMS. I have completed the
hello world task. the screeshot is at the following link:

I have gone through the Open projects list and the project: "Use Maps or
Hashes in the implementation of Classic API Notepads and POSIX API Keys "
at  "" interests
me very much.

I was not able to find any reference to the Classic API notepads.please
tell me what is their use?

Also the link to uthash is "" but the link on
the above web page is "|"

Ankit Laddha
3rd year Undergraduate
Elec. Engg.Dept.
IIT Delhi

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