What about Virtual Machine for RTEMS?

vai bas vai.csse at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 22:13:38 UTC 2012

Dear rtems-users,

          Can someone give me conform about building and running RTEMS in
VM that will not effect my running OS in my machine? After building and
compiling code how can I run RTOS to use? Which VM will be prefareble for
Win and for Ubuntu? Maybe question looks quite stupid but I got confuse.
That's why want to be sure from experienced developer and user. If it has
chance to make some kind of risk to host and target machine then I want to
be care. Give me good link to build RTEMS and run in VM as system.

        What I have already done is: Downloaded .rpms for fedora 15 from
ftp server and changed them to .dev and expert in Ubuntu. Then I have found
problem to do ./bootstrap command. How it will work and what can I run
through hera? Thank you as advance.

Thank you as advance.
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