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yangwei weiyang wei.a.yang at
Wed Mar 14 14:49:33 UTC 2012

Hi all:

    Now the Gsoc2012 is getting more and more close. So in order to
select most suitable project for me
and rtems community from my interested projects, there are some
questions needed to be answered:
1. In the open project page, Clang/LLVM support for RTEMS is one of my
interested projects. And in the
past days throught my investigation i have made Clang build the newlib
and RTEMS source code (for i386 BSP)
successfully. The build instruction and related information have be
updated on the wiki. But only this small
step is not enough to constitute a good proposal. So if you think this
is really a good project for RTEMS, could
you list what features you want with the Clang/LLVM support for RTEMS,
which contains enough tasks for
a summer of GSOC project.
2. RTEMS Toolkits --- ApplicationConfigurationGUI is another
interested project for me. In the description there
are some protential ways to approach this project. As it says the more
better possibility is to write a GUI program
in Python and read a XML parse which read the XML format file
describing the RTEMS configuration parameters,
and then generate a header file used for RTEMS sourece code. I also
think this is relatively a good implement,
because Python has rich UI libarys like PyQt which is also
cross-platform and it support XML parse very well. About
this project what advice do you have for me?
3. About the second project i found there was a student proposed a
proposal in the past but he was not accepted.
So i want to know whether the project about the third party package or
not closely related to embeded development
with RTEMS like development environment oiented has low priority to be accepted?

Wei Yang
Best Regards

wei.a.yang at

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