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yangwei weiyang wei.a.yang at
Fri Mar 16 11:45:06 UTC 2012

Hi all:
    The project of Atomic Operations seems a very good candidate for
GSOC project. After some investigations i think its mainly goal is to
define a set of atomic operation API and then implement those APIs. As
we know an atomic operation is an operation that will always be
executed without any other process being able to read or change state
that is read or changed during the operation. From the software
perspective a few of the synchronization primitives have
implementations or examples of atomic operation like semaphores,
mutexes , spinlocks and so on. And most of these synchronization
primitives have been supported on the RTEMS. From the hardware
perspective atomic operations mean a single instruction which will
guarantee atomic access. And also the method of atomic operations is
different for single core systems and multicore systems. In the single
core systems we can just disable interrupt simplely to guarentee the
atomic access, but in the multicore systems it does not work. So in
there i think this project is mainly target at multicore support on
RTEMS, right?
    About the ConcurrencyKit it provide lots of atomic operations, but
it does not natively support RTEMS. It must be ported to RTEMS. All
the operations supported by ConcurrencyKit should be ported to RTEMS?
i think we can first design the needed atomic operation API and then
implement API referring the ConcurrencyKit. And using the test case of
ConcurrencyKit to test them. What is your opinions about this project,
feel free to give your opinion.

Wei Yang
Best Regards

wei.a.yang at

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