Regarding compilation of RTEMS for sis

Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu Mar 1 22:01:25 UTC 2012

On 2/03/12 4:33 AM, Ankit Laddha wrote:
> Hi all
> I am student and wanted to take part in Google Sumer of Code 2012 with


> I am using Ubuntu 11.10 as my operating System. I have compiled
> the GCC and Binutils as described at
> but after that when i tried to build RTEMS(Which i got by checking out
> the git repository) form sis as described in the Quick Start guide at
> i got the following error

Based on our past experience we recommend to new GSoC students looking 
at applying to use a Virtual Machine image.

I have updated the main RTEMS web page to point new students to the 
Summer of Code ( 
I have updated this page to point to the Configure and Build RTEMS page 
and the virtual machine for development page 
I hope this makes the path you need to follow simpler to follow.

Please take a look at these pages and if you have any questions please 
come back and ask. You need to have completed the "Prove You Can Work On 
RTEMS" task to be eligible for the RTEMS project.


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