RTEMS and libc

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at rtems.org
Fri Mar 2 18:04:31 UTC 2012

On 03/02/2012 11:54 AM, Juan Pablo Rumie Vittar wrote:
> Hello,
> One question: how I can compile an example (RTEMS), using the functions
> dlopen, dlclose, etc?
In short: You can't. RTEMS currently only supports static linkage.

> If the sentence: "# include<dlfcn.h>"
> no works already (apparently) with the gcc compiler RTEMS?
> I guess (the gcc compiler RTEMS) instead of using "libc" used "newlib"
> I can do to solve the problem?
> thanks in advance
Some people have some more or less functional versions of dynamic 
loading in the works, but so far none of them have found their way into 
official RTEMS.


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