How to get performance matrix

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If your target has a decent on-chip timer then you should be able to
use the tmtests to get some idea. I can't speak to how
accurate/precise the numbers would be but it would be a good place to

On Wed, Mar 7, 2012 at 7:24 PM, Rohan Kangralkar
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> Hi All,
> RTEMS is a very deterministic RTOS and we would like to get the performance
> matrix for ADSP-BF527 processor (TLL6527m).
> We plan to get measurement of
> 1. context switch latency

> 2. interrupt latency

> 3. footprint size
should be a binutils 'size' program for your target that you can run
on the binary executable to get its size... I'm not sure exactly what
you are looking for / meaning by footprint here.

> I am looking into the details of the code to find the points of context
> switch. Can someone help me in identifying the points of context switch.
> Does RTEMS provides hooks at these points?

Good luck!
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> Rohan Kangralkar
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