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On Sat, Mar 17, 2012 at 5:32 AM, Jérôme Hugues <hugues.jerome at> wrote:
> Le 16 mars 2012 à 20:14, Cláudio Silva a écrit :
>> Now regarding the ARINC 653 API implementation. Most of the services i
>> mentioned in my previous email have almost perfect correspondence with
>> RTEMS or POSIX services already available. Therefore even if you don't
>> want the ARINC653 API implemented as a wrapper to the classic API,
>> there would be a lot of code reusable from other APIs.
> Note that ISI at Vanderbilt implemented an emulation library for ARINC on top of POSIX,
> see
>From a technical perspective using this software would depend on how
much of POSIX is required, because RTEMS lacks some certain features
especially those related to processes. More important however is that
the license does not seem to comply with rtems in particular the last
sentence of section 1.3.


> (You need to be careful about what you build, a part of it drags the whole TAO middleware, be sure to test just the ARINC part)
> it can be a first step towards supporting this API in RTEMS
> a) first you port it. they support part of the standard. Partitions are mapped to Unix processes, a daemon activate/passivate process to support time isolation. One can certainly emulate similar behavior using a dedicated thread that change task proporties to enable/disable them
> b) then the port work may start, following the overview proposed by Cláudio. Starting from this emulation library would help understanding in more depth the amount of work required.
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