Problem in Integration of Analog / Digital Drivce driver with RTEMS for MVME162-522A

Thu Mar 29 06:59:06 UTC 2012


I agree ADC/DAC IO boards are not the 162 board.But in my organization
RRCAT, I am trying to provide standard functions for everyone to follow in
any application. I am trying to merge IO device drivers to build it as
Library. Only thing we need to modify only Device_read, Device_write and
Control functions if needed based on specific system. The application
developer need not to worry about basic functionalies.

Anyway I would try to add IO drivers in application space and would inform
about result.

But my queries are still pending.Please provide your suggestions, based on
my addition and modifications in condefs.h, mvme162\ :

1.why and are not updating (by generating
automatically by automake) as per modifications done in
I believe that and have to be automatically
get modified once we build RTEMS with modified

2. What are the ways/procedures to get modified and

3. Whether I have to modify some other makefiles / configuration files

One more thing, Presently I am using RTEMS-4.10.2 version ( having
"configure",, and and files) In
which I am facing IO drivers merger problem. Presently I am building RTEMS
using ./configure with options( like --target=m68k-rtems4.10,
--enable-rtemsbsp=mvme162 etc) and "make all"

Now I wish to try to build RTEMS-4.10.2 ( from
rtems). But it does not have "configure" file. I am not able to configure.
Please let me know how to configure, build and make it.

Kindly look into the problem and provide your valueable suggestions.

Anticipating earliest reply

Warm Regards


> My recollection would indicate these peripherals are not on the 162 board.
> These never should have been merged into the rtems source tree and
> modifying confdefs.h to get them is not riht unless you are proposing
> standard ways for everyone to follow.
> Build the drivers in your application space somehow and add them with the
> confdefs.h parameter which is named something like
> --joel
> AJAI KUMAR MEDHAVI <akmedhavi at> wrote:

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