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Fri May 4 17:58:02 UTC 2012

On 05/04/2012 12:26 PM, Steven Grunza wrote:
>   Is “BSP and Device Driver Development Guide” contained in 
> bsp_howto.pdf still the best place to get guidance on getting RTEMS to 
> run on custom hardware?
For better or worse, that's what we have. Corrections and
additions are always welcomed.
>   Does anyone know of a Wiki entry or other Web based URL for 
> better/more/other information on this?
>   I’m really just looking for documentation at this point but for the 
> curious my hardware has:
>                 Atmel AT91R40008 (arm7tdmi based) processor
>                 4MB flash
>                 1MB SRAM
>                 2 Ethernet MAC’s (in an FPGA)
>                 Various I2C peripherals (including serial debug console)
Standard advice is to find a BSP that is close to this
and copy it or make a variant.

In this case, I would make a list of which BSPs look
closest to the CPU model, which NIC drivers look
closest, and which i2c code you think is applicable.
Then post that to the list for comments.

My guess is that the CPU code is no problem, most
of the i2c is likely not too far from being supported
and the NICs are a toss up.
> Steven G.

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