Coldfire (MCF5235) Interrupt Problem

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Thanks for the quick reply. The printf was just a dummy there, but I replaced it with the global that increments from zero if the ISR is entered and it has never updated. I must be doing something wrong, but cannot figure out what.

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On May 11, 2012, at 8:55 AM, Ivica Eftimovski wrote:

Hi all,

I am just starting with RTEMS and I am trying to interface the MCF5235 BCC board to our existing hardware. I am trying to set it to use *IRQ4, which should have fixed level/priority.

When I execute the code noted below, the interrupts are disabled properly, the vector seems set and interrupts are re-enabled. But anytime I ground*IRQ4 (default high) line while my example program is running, I do not vector to the ISR.

I fashioned my code using the clock/network/console code as guide, and those work great.

Can anyone please give me a hint of what am I doing wrong?

Not sure about any of the MCF5235 code, but one thing for sure that is wrong is that you must not call printf from an interrupt handler...

Try declaring a volatile global variable -- increment it in the interrupt handler and print it in the main thread.

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