good first target?

Patrick patrick at
Sun May 13 14:37:18 UTC 2012

Hi Sebastian

Thanks for responding to my post.

For my first RTEMS project all I want to do is play with a few GPIO 
lines. My main concern is starting a project and then finding out that 
there isn't full Ada support for my target. I could use a 
microcontroller or a SBC. I could spend $100 or so but if ARM or other 
lighter weight processors are fully supported then I would prefer this 
over X86.

I like the eLua project. With this project there are several targets 
supported but the Luminary Micro LM3S8962 is used by many members. There 
are tutorials that discuss it's development board and there are no weak 
spots in the project with this board. It is a sort a common reference point.

I was hoping to find something similar with RTEMS.


On 12-05-13 04:57 AM, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> Hello,
> On 12/05/12 01:56, Patrick wrote:
>> This is my first post here. RTEMS looks like a really great resource 
>> for me. I have fallen in love with Ada and RTEMS looks ideal.
>> I would like to buy a board to run RTEMS on. My only two wishes are 
>> to have a very well supported board and something lighter then X86.
>> Does anyone have a recommendation? 
> this depends on your budget.  Do you have a preferred debugger?  Which 
> architectures (ARM, PowerPC, ...) are interesting for you?  Do you 
> need actual hardware or is a simulator sufficient?

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