Using COM Port as console in building RTEMS for SMDK2410

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Wed May 23 15:10:36 UTC 2012

Thanks for your reply, Joel.

I wonder why there is no warning or error while configuring SMDK2410 to use
an unaffected option, that is USE_COM1_AS_CONSOLE=1.
But I'm curious that why this is so? I mean why this option has no impact
while building the OS for SMDK2410? Is it for that COM naming is specific
to Windows systems?
So how is it possible that one attaches the standard console to serial
port, while building RTEMS for SMDK2410?

Thanks for noticing about the baud rate but I guess the baud rate on
Mini2440 can be configured to be the same as SMDK2410 by running uart
initialization function but I will check it out to make sure.


On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 6:07 PM, Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill at>wrote:

> On 05/23/2012 02:49 AM, SAeeD wrote:
>> Hello every one,
>> I am building RTEMS for SMDK2410 these days and I want to test the simple
>> "hello" application, available in "testsuites" folder of RTEMS.
>> But the problem is that I want to use the board's COM port as the
>> console, so that output of those printf lines in "hello" application goes
>> through COM port and I see the output on my laptop's screen.
>> I configured RTEMS as follows:
>> ../configure --enable-rtems-debug USE_COM1_AS_CONSOLE=1
>> BSP_PRESS_KEY_FOR_RESET=0 --target=arm-rtems4.10 --enable-rtemsbsp=smdk2410
>> --enable-tests=samples --prefix=/home/rtems/rtems-4.**
>> 10-src/rtems-4.10.2/mini2440/**build
>>  USE_COM1_AS_CONSOLE=1 is pc386 specific and has no impact on this BSP.
> It looks like the console always is the first (only?) UART on this.
>  Then I transferred "hello.exe" image to board and connected the board's
>> COM port to my laptop's COM port and started a terminal for serial
>> connection with baud rate:115200, data: 8 bits, 1 stop bit, no parity and
>> no flow control.
>> I powered on the board but there was nothing received from the serial
>> port!
>> I guess USE_COM1_AS_CONSOLE=1 is not enough to configure the OS to send
>> console output to COM port. But I am not sure.
>> Does any one have any idea or experience about this?
>>  No personal experience here but looking at the code, I wonder if the
> baud rate
> clock is the same on your board as on the board it was developed for.
>    /* value is calculated so : (int)(PCLK/16./baudrate) -1 */
>    reg = get_PCLK() / (16 * 115200) - 1;
>  * Please notice that although I build RTEMS for SMDK2410, my board is
>> Mini2440.
>>  If there is a boot monitor on this, you can always disable initializing
> the UART and use the same baud rate it used.
>> Thanks in advance
>> SAeeD
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