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Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Nov 1 13:14:55 UTC 2012


It is time again to apply to the Google program for high-school students
(Google Code In). The deadline is tomorrow for organizations to apply.
Details are at:

I have filed our organization application and done some work on the task
list. Our task list is very important. These should be chunks of work that
an experienced developer could do in ~2 hours.  Our current list is at:

If you have ideas or want to clean up an existing one, please edit it.

Also we will be needing mentors. This is different from being a Summer of
Code mentor. Any RTEMS user should be capable of mentoring any task.
We hope to have a group of mentors who track all projects and respond
as quickly as possible any time a student needs attention.

If there are questions or you want to mentor, just ask.


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