Debugging an RTEMS Application, show threads in gdb possible

Matthias Goldhoorn matthias.goldhoorn at
Mon Nov 12 08:07:06 UTC 2012

Hello together,
i started to port to the RTEMS Systems.

I already got an running RTEMS Application, but at one point, my thread 
is not longer executed.
An TCP ping still works so my system in general is alive.
I got an gdb running that attaches to the remote system. But i hang 
always in the idle function.
I searched for the scheduler implementation to set an breakpoint there, 
but i could't find it in the sources.

So what's the way to check which threads are "there" and in which states 
the are with gdb?

I use an qemu with an i368 as target platform currently.

My work i based on the approach from Anita Vazquez which has done some 
previous work during the ESA Summer School, only if you already heard 
about this.


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