Proposed Reorganization of Coverage Reporting

Chris Johns chrisj at
Mon Nov 19 01:17:34 UTC 2012

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> On 11/18/2012 06:42 PM, Chris Johns wrote:
>> Joel Sherrill wrote:
>>> By bucket, I meant category or collection of symbols. Now we have
>>> core and "everything". I am proposing adding a report set basically
>>> by source directory.
>> I am still confused. The output from the execution is parsed and
>> reported on in a single pass and there is some sort of split of
>> symbols based on some other data ? Where is this collection of symbols
>> that defines these buckets ?
> The key you are missing is that for a single configure/build/test run,
> you can analyse
> coverage for multiple symbol subsets.

Where do these symbol sets come from ? Do you parse the ELF files for 
exported symbols ?

>>> This would still be in addition to the -O2/-Os and posix
>>> enable/disable variations.
>> I would seem these and different builds, ie RFS a bucket per build
>> type. You could visualize this as a path, ie
>> 'rtems-O2/cpukit/libfs/rfs' and 'rtems-O2/cpukit/libfs/rfs'. These
>> could become more complex eg
>> 'rtems-O2-fomit-frame-pointers/cpukit/libfs/rfs'. For the posix
>> 'rtems-posix-O2-fomit-frame-pointers/cpukit/libfs/rfs'
> Well, I hope we don't have to get into much more than -O2/-Os on compile
> options but that's generally the idea.

We may not but a user may :)

> Multiple covoar passes over one
> set of execution run logs.

Great. Now I understand.

>>> It will not add to the build or test execution time. It will add to
>>> the report generation time. All views/categories can be generated
>>> from a single run.
>> Can you re-run just the report phase or does this not make sense ?
> That's what happens. We would just be re-running the covoar phase
> for each category of symbols. With small symbol sets, it should be
> fairly quick.


> The question is the set of categories. :)

Depends who is asking the question. :)

Everything, what has been added to the tests and has coverage, the 
specific module you are adding tests for ... these are just a few examples.


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